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      "Margaret, do you know me?"The monk then left the apartment, and the confederates presently retired.

      "But does my lord remember the last time I was there? He didn't want me thenhe told me he shouldn't be counselled by such as I. There is no rent due, and I have done no wrongand there can be no business for me at the castle."

      "To be sure I do!"

      "Halloconfederates! you have forgotten one thing, which, after all, may do us more good than all the conditions put together. What think ye of burning all the deeds and court-rolls of manors we can lay our hands on? The knaves will find it no easy matter to prove their title to the land, or to the rent or to the bondman either.""To free the bondto acquire land at a low rentto be at liberty to buy and sell in all cities and towns, without toll or interruption;and lastly, to obtain a pardon for this insurrection."

      The galleyman then hurried Holgrave up a narrow dark street, where, tapping gently at a door, it was instantly opened, to Stephen's great surprise, by old Hartwell.

      "Which division of the kerns do you command?"



      "Bridget," said Turner, stepping back, "where is the wine?"


      "Did not the hue and cry pass through the forest?""'Tis welllet this man be recalled."